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Light Rose AB Duo Bracelet

Light Rose AB Duo Bracelet

This is such a feminine look.  Light Rose AB is a graceful, dreamy color.  Due to the AB finish,  one side flashes or sparkles just a touch brighter reflecting beautiful pastel hues. Looking into the other side of the crystal shows the depth of the color.  


My Duo bracelets are named for the two sterling silver tubes connecting the square Swarovski crystal beads (each separated by crystal spacers), to the sterling toggle clasp.  Matching Swarovski bicone beads, Bali silver daisy, and spacer beads round out the design

I've done my best to accurately capture the color of the crystals.  Whenever you see AB in color name, that stands for Aurora Borealis, which is a finish Swarovski invented in 1956 in a partnership with Christian Dior.  It was inspired by the Northern Lights.   AB finish creates a rainbow—or iridescent—effect which increases the sparkle and reflects many different colors.  It's a beautiful finish, but can be tricky to photograph.  In-person, they are stunning, as all Swarovski crystals are!

  • Size Information

    Please refer to this page for a measuring guide.  Bracelet Measuring

    This bracelet will comfortably fit up to a 6 3/4" wrist, depending on how much drape you like.  It will fit a 6 3/4 wrist snugly but not tight.  This bracelet can't be modified to be made smaller, however, it can be made slightly larger, so please inquire before ordering and we can determine if the size you need can be achieved via a modification, or if custom made is an option.

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