Dusty Pink

Dusty Pink

Such a feminine piece!  The color of the pink tourmaline is difficult to capture as the look changes slightly depending on the lighting and background.  I'm showing three photos to represent the differences. 


The left is indoors near the light from a window, the center is taken outdoors in shade, and the third is outdoors in direct sunlight.  All were photographed on a grey background.  The pink color will be lighter against a lighter colored background.

These pink tourmalines are faceted on the top abd set in gold-filled bezels, open in the back so the light can shine through.  I've added some tiny vermeil beads on gold-filled wire next to each of the bezels. The strand of gemstones is attached to feminine gold-filled chain, ending with a gold-filled toggle clasp.

  • Size Information

    The length of this necklace is 17 1/2", measured from the bar to the center of the ring on the toggle clasp.